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The Port of Anaklia sits on the shortest route from China to Europe, a route that has become a major focal point of Chinese investments in infrastructure. As such, the port will attract high-value cargos seeking the fastest travel between Chinese and European Markets. This cargo represents significant upside for the port and will create robust returns for shareholders. 

In addition to Anaklia being a geographically ideal location for port development, the city is the last technically feasible location for a new deepsea port in Georgia.

Deep Sea Port Technical/Engineering Information

52-Year Concession
Growth to 100MM Ton
Phase 1: 7MM Ton Capacity Port - Construction complete within 3 years of groundbreaking
Creation of a port capable of accommodating Post-Panamax Size Ships

ADC has completed a concept design for Anaklia Port and Free Industrial Zone. The design will bypass competing ports in the region with superior connections to existing rail and road infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment and communications infrastructure, berthing for 10,000 TEU vessels, flexibility for multiple cargo and vessel types, and eco-friendly practices. Capital expenditures for each phase of the Port have been estimated according to the Conceptual Design. 

Major port design aspects are the following:
Optimized land footprint (less than 40% of total 1,000 hectares).
Flexibility for multiple cargo and vessel types (Panamax, Handymax, Aframax).
Maximized facility throughput (intermodal, modern STS cranes, automation).
Minimized waterfront (dry bulk and liquid piers on breakwater).
Eco-friendly sustainable practices.

Anaklia Port Project Concept

Anaklia Port Project Concept