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Anaklia Free Industrial Zone


In addition to the Anaklia Port, ADC is developing a Free Industrial Zone on 600 hectares of the 1000-hectare parcel of land.

This will complement the Port by positioning it for made-to-order order products for Europe-Asia trade as well as direct access to Real Estate and Tourism zones.

Free Industrial Zone Overview

ADC has plans to develop the following FIZ industry clusters:

  • Light Industrial - will help strengthen the regional significance of Anaklia Port
  • Food and Beverage - will build upon the regional agricultural strength. This cluster has the potential to evolve as a food manufacturing hub - a regional exporter
  • Logistics - will help Anaklia Port establish as a regional transshipment hub for a range of exporting industries
  • Tourism and Real Estate - will have access to the coast, proximity to national park, and may contain a cultural center
  • Training and Development - will help address regional workforce skills development objectives
  • Financial Center - will aid business development

Anaklia town and its surroundings within the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region have strength in agriculture and tourism and therefore necessitate a sensitive approach to development. The proposed port project has the potential to capitalize on Georgia’s strategic location within the Europe-Asia trade routes. The concept of the port and a combined industrial zone presents an excellent opportunity to address a variety of RoG objectives simultaneously, especially around creating industrial specialization and new jobs.

Anaklia Free Industrial Zone Concept

Anaklia Free Industrial Zone Concept