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Investment Opportunity


Georgia Regional Trade

Georgia shows promising historical trade figures for future growth potential with shipping throughput boosting from 150,000 containers to nearly 450,000 containers over the past five years. The combination of the Anaklia Port and Free Industrial Zone will further promote that growth by attracting new foreign direct investment (FDI) into the region and also help the Port to gain regional prominence.

Strong Growth Trend

Overland Transport from Asia to Europe is emerging as the fastest transport route for cargo. Transport Service Group (a Georgia-based logistics company with whom ADC has signed an MOU) led the coordination to provide passage of the first train from Kuytun, Xinjiang Uygur Province, China, to Tbilisi, Georgia in just 9 days.

This route will begin to have regular passage and is being watched by many as the future route by which overland industrial cargo will be done. Sovereign governments have also seen potential and plans have been made to build infrastructure in Georgia as an integral part of a larger effort to revive the historic Silk Road from China to Europe.

Anaklia Advantages

Anaklia, a stronghold site in the Black Sea region, has a natural predisposition for a deep sea port due its strategic advantages and its natural underwater canyon.

Investment Opportunities

Significant investor opportunities exist for:

  • Investors into the Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC)
  • Port Container Terminal Operators (CTO)
  • Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) Operators

Additional information is available upon request with establishment of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Interested investors are urged to express their interest to ADC as soon as feasible, as opportunities will only be open for a limited time.


* Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU)

Georgian Ports Container Growth

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